Kickback began as an idea in 2016, driven by the belief that a new pair of shoes has the power to keep kids out of trouble.

More than 7000 pairs of quality sneakers later, a value of over $1M, our work as a non-profit has impacted youth worldwide.

Kickback is a youth-led movement for change coming out of Toronto, Canada. We’re artists, athletes, social workers and community programmers who grew up in the neighbourhoods we serve. Above all, we’re young minds who don’t have all the answers but are finding ways to uplift the communities we grew up in.

Founded by Jamal Burger, Kickback’s vision is to redefine communities by breaking down the social barriers that underserved youth face. His love of sneakers became the medium to open conversations and open doors into the world of high-level sport, media and art.

Our approach relies on collaborating with youth to reframe their narrative and empower them to realize their potential. We aim to transform the way society engages with youth through relatable, elevated experiences.

Since day one, we’ve used the sneaker as a concept to deliver non-traditional yet educational experiences because shoes and the stories behind them create a positive sense of identity.