Bringing non-traditional learning to communities we believe in

Since 2016, we’ve been on a mission to encourage kids to think outside of their lived experience. The sneakers we collect and distribute have facilitated hundreds of activations in our 6+ years of impact. Our early years serve as the foundation to our current programs and events. To truly understand how we’re here today, it’s important for us to share what we’ve built over the years.

From the beginning, and as we move forward, documentation will always be a huge component of what we do because we want youth to be highlighted for who they are. The sneakers bring them in, the community is why they stay.



Block Party

Kickback Block Party is an immersive celebration uniting over 600 community members in a vibrant fusion of music, entertainment, and togetherness.

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TMC – Nipsey Hussle

To many in the Eritrean community, Nipsey Hussle represented the embodiment of the dream for those in the diaspora who hoped to secure a better future for themselves and their families.

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To close out the year, we had the opportunity to visit Jamaica and give back on a very personal level.

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We’re proud to say we made it to London. We were able to connect with youth over the course of a week and build special connections which we’ll continue to develop in years to come.

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With us, Greenbrae represents potential. The kids and the youth workers are such beautiful people, and out of all three projects, this court needs the most love.

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Cycle Jordan 3

Cycle Jordan is a single-day awareness event in the form of a bike ride brought to you by Kickback in partnership with ManDem Cycling Club.

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The youth in Empringham exemplify resilience, love and respect. Though they’ve experienced loss, this genuine community sticks together. Empringham represents family.

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Confident Cuts

Confident cuts is a safe space for our youth where everyone can feel loved.

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Each year with Tier Zero, our go-to creative agency, Kickback aims to bring the best day in the hood to life for St. Jamestown’s (Bleecker), youth and residents.

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Kickback Court – Moss Park

Working with Puma for five years, what began as a yearly tournament now exists as an itinerary focused on impact throughout summer.

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High School graduation is the not so subtle transition from childhood to young adult.

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Canada Basketball

Kickback x Canada Basketball: A series of images featuring five local youth leaders from Regent Park.

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Black Lives for Change

In 2022, one of our biggest goals was to increase how often we distributed footwear in communities.

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Shoot For Peace – Eid Editorial

Exchanging gifts on Eid, especially to kids, is customary for Muslims. Eid is a day of joy and happiness, signifying the end of Ramadan.

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Air Max Day

For Air Max Day 2022, Livestock Canada gave us the opportunity to highlight youth redefining the blueprint.

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Hooper’s Loop

This year with Hoopers Loop and Puma Hoops, we wanted to equip young female athletes with a type of understanding that extends beyond the basketball court.

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