We choose our partnerships using the same instinct we’ve trusted our entire lives. Lived experience.

As a non-profit, we partner with brands who are committed to social impact and long-term thinking rather than short-term goals.

We use our lived experience to help us choose the right partnerships. The truth is, we come from the same background as many of the kids we work with – so we have a natural instinct for when a brand has a genuine intention to help.

Partnership can be defined as an association, but for us, it means commitment. Our partners align with our beliefs and help us extend our impact. Whether it was a donation made to us or an opportunity we spread outward, the importance behind the collaboration is evident. With our partners, we give ourselves the space to focus on what we’re all great at doing — impact shows up in many forms, and part of the job in the community space is making intelligent connections to facilitate more significant outcomes. In one way or another, though our definitions may look different, we’re all here to redefine community.

In return, we offer moments that are self-sustaining.

We’ve hosted basketball tournaments in communities that have never seen one before. Kids who have never laced up a running shoe are joining our run clubs. We’ve replaced anti-social behaviour in local parks with early morning training sessions, and we’re teaching kids to express themselves through the lens of a camera when words fail them.

Our programs teach kids for the first time in their lives that they’re worth more than they think. We replace rules and violence with respect and love, teaching them to put their minds and bodies to better use.

A program that lasts for one weekend is talked about months or even years after we’re gone.