Girls Basketball

2 February 2023

Kickback Girls Basketball, an immersive 8-week program catering to girls aged 15-17, from Scarborough, who play at rep level. Dedicated to providing elite coaching, our program integrates rejuvenating yoga, mindfulness sessions, and insights from leading women in the basketball industry to showcase what basketball looks like at the next level.

Acknowledging the recent decline in girls’ participation in sports post-pandemic, we are committed to providing a nurturing space for these young athletes to foster their growth and an opportunity to thrive. Through our comprehensive approach, we aim to empower these girls to not only excel in basketball but also in their personal and academic endeavors, fostering a resilient and confident generation of young female athletes.

“Kickback gave me opportunities to play basketball at a higher level, thanks to the summer girls basketball program.”
– Ruth Asdesanya, Age 12


18 May 2022

KBRC, our weekly run club, brings together over 80 community members weekly for 20 weeks during the summer, simultaneously in Scarborough and Downtown Toronto, expanding our community impact. This platform fosters mutual mentorship, providing relatable role models for youth and meaningful connections for mentors.

For those facing challenges, KBRC serves as a vital support system, nurturing a sense of belonging and well-being. Through each run, participants build connections, explore the city, and leave with refreshed minds and bodies, finding joy, mentorship, and confidence at KBRC. This engagement has provided youth with the opportunity to participate in marathons in LA, Montreal, and Toronto, opening doors to new horizons.

Flag Football

18 May 2022

Flag Football has turned out to be more than a program. Cleats are expensive and unjustifiable for most families. The kids in Flag football have become close friends, whether off the field, at the high school they were recruited to, or to play on Toronto Thunder. The program is grounds for discovering talent and providing kids with an outlet to enjoy each other during the summer months when there isn’t much to do. This program keeps our youth out of trouble, and our instructors can personally connect with them so that it feels like family every Friday throughout the summer.

Kickback Coach Shemeik gave me confidence in my football skills, which are improving a lot.
It helped me win my school a football championship this year.— Neter Hussey, Age 13