One On One

18 May 2022

“One on One” is more than just a program; it’s a transformative movement focused on empowering youth from underserved communities through immersive outdoor experiences. Twice a year, the initiative facilitates two distinct trips—one for boys and one for girls—to various Canadian cities. These trips serve as a crucial focus on mental well-being, fostering trust, vulnerability, and love among participants, many of whom have never experienced air travel before.

With a dedicated emphasis on individuals aged 16-17, a critical stage of personal development, “One on One” provides seasoned mentorship, exposure to new perspectives, and the confidence to chart unique life paths. The program aims to expose these young individuals to the transformative power of exploring the outdoors, providing a rare opportunity for those who have spent their lives surrounded by concrete walls to experience the wonders of the natural world. Ultimately, the initiative seeks to nurture the next generation of environmental leaders while fostering community cohesion and promoting the importance of mental well-being.

Youth Ambassadors

18 May 2022

A transformative 12-week initiative deeply rooted in the founding ethos of Kickback, emphasizing an “each one, teach one” model. Each year, we carefully select 10 youth through a rigorous application process, providing them with the necessary tools to initiate meaningful change within their communities and comprehend the far-reaching impacts of their actions.

Within this program, these young ambassadors are not only housed but also inspired to become visionary community leaders, surpassing the limits of their imagination. Engaging in meaningful dialogues with experts from various disciplines they come to understand that the $500 token of gratitude, though significant, pales in comparison to the immeasurable value of the guidance and conversations that shape their journey. These emerging leaders seamlessly integrate their communities into the fabric of Kickback, creating a lasting and substantial impact.