High School graduation is the not so subtle transition from childhood to young adult.

Equally exciting as it is daunting, this new kind of freedom presents as many life changing opportunities as it does challenges over an incredibly short period of time.

This year, Asics Canada helped us surprise Swedish youth with shoes that celebrate their achievement while encouraging them to put their immediate future towards pursuing their dreams, whatever they may be.
Our collective effort is what results in Kickback establishing a new blueprint for non-profit organizations moving forward.

Amidst confused excitement, High School and University graduations each saw pivotal shifts in Anthony’s planned career path. Before leaving Sweden to come to Toronto, Anthony ​​spent two seasons coaching the boys basketball team the featured youth played on, and with 2022 being a year for him to take on projects more personal to him – checking in to celebrate the youth he mentored was a first step into more personal work.

This project aims to celebrate the accomplishments of each young man featured. Both to prompt them to appreciate this fleeting moment and to encourage their newfound freedom towards discovering and pursuing their dreams, whatever they are.